T-Shirt Grocery Tote (No Sewing Required)

This is a quick and easy craft, and it’s an environmental double whammy since it allows you to keep grocery bags and an old shirt out of the waste stream! Because this tote is soft and washable, it’s great for fruits and veggies.


What you’ll need:

  • Old t-shirt (the more colorful and exciting the shirt, the more colorful and exciting the tote)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Marker
  • Ruler (optional)



  1. Cut off the arms of your shirt. These holes will now become the handles of your tote.
  2. Cut out the collar (it is helpful to use a large bowl or plate to trace the hole you want to make). This will be the main opening of the tote.16731551_1436312883054651_1945516303_o
  3. Turn your shirt inside out and draw a straight line on the shirt where you want the bottom of your tote to be. The tote can be as deep or as shallow as you like, but make sure you leave enough fabric to cut the tassels for “sealing” your bottom.
  4. Cut 1 inch tassels up to the bottom line of your tote. Using a ruler and marker to
    draw the tassels before you cut them can help you end up with even sizes instead of a wonky mess.16667704_1436312769721329_1781143485_o
  5. Now it’s time to close the bottom of the tote. Don’t panic – it sounds more complicated than it actually is. Tie the first three pairs of tassels into regular square knots. This partially closes the bag, but still leaves some holes. To close the holes, take one “strand” of the first knot and one strand from the second knot and use them to tie a second knot. Then take the strand from the second knot that you did not use to make a knot with the strand from the first knot and use it to tie a knot with one of the strands from the third knot.16668073_1436312726388000_516585321_o16731407_1436312563054683_1090605497_o
  6. Continue this knot pattern until you have closed the entire bottom of the tote.
  7. Flip your bag inside out and there you have it! A fast, easy, reusable grocery tote.


(original idea taken from mommypotamous.com)



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