Sonified Sustainability Festival



Sonified Sustainability Festival returns this year from April 20 to the 28 to celebrate Earth Day and the environment! This exciting festival pairs music and the arts with environmental concepts to create a unique experience for all participants. Three artists will be featured on Earth Day, along with an environmental information fair at Krannert Center.

“The concept was to create an event where the music would be the draw for awareness of the sustainability efforts that are going on on campus and in our community,” Jason Finkelman, the director of Global Arts Performance Initiatives, said.

Finkelman started the festival in April of 2016. Last year, the festival was one day, but because Finkelman has coordinated more events, the festival will last for about a week this year. In addition to the Earth Day festivities, events include a screening of the environmental film “Koyaanisqatsi,” soundwalks conducted by Eric Leonardson in Urbana parks, a Sudden Sound Concert, and a screening of the silent film “The Epic of Everest,” where the Reel Orchestrette will accompany the film with live music.

All of the artists performing throughout the festival use the theme of sustainability in their concerts by taking recycled materials and found objects and turning them into instruments.

“Last year a running theme was artists who use found objects – in many cases, literal “trash” – and turned them into musical instruments,” Micah Kenfield, the Student Sustainability Committee coordinator, said. “These performers made tangible – and audible – the idea that the things we use, and trash we create, lives on in different forms far after its initial use is over.”

Not only is the sustainability festival entertaining, but it is also educational. Admission is free to the public, so be sure to stop by one of the fun events, learn more about sustainable initiatives on campus, and visit the Earth Day Celebration at Krannert where student organizations like the GO will be promoting sustainability.

Want to see what last year’s event was like? Check out this video:


Photo captions:

Cooper-Moore, the artist performing in the Sudden Sound Concert, plays his mouth bow

Bradford-Reed playing the percussion instrument he created.

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