Green it Yourself – Planters

Hello, and welcome to this issue’s Green It Yourself where we will be showing you how to create a plant waterer from an empty bottle (though the title says wine, you can really use anything). We are going to explore two avenues of creation in this issue: one where you have a bottle without a cap, and one where you have a bottle with a cap.


Once you have found the bottle your cat has been hanging onto or finished your own next to a cozy fire, you have one main step completed. In order to control the flow of water, either poke a hole in the cap or tie a piece of cloth over the neck of the bottle.


There are several ways to poke your hole, so choose whatever is easiest with the materials on hand. You can try hammering a nail through, drilling, pressing with a knife in a circular twisting motion, or any other way you think of. After that, fill the bottle with water and put the cap back on (or tie the cloth with string). The final product should look something like this.



Moisten the soil and dig a hole near your planter approximately 2 inches deep. This will ensure that the bottle doesn’t empty too quickly and also that dirt does not clog the hole.  Now, invert the bottle, place it in the divot so that the mouth is pressed in firmly, and pack soil around it to hold it in place. If there are bubbles or the water level changes, reinsert the bottle so that it seals against the soil. Now go off and explore! Just don’t leave your plant babies for too long.

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