Green Observer – October 2017


This is a great way to change your old T-shirts into some cute little pillow cases. In five simple steps and no more than twenty minutes you will have your own personalized pillowcase!


What You Will Need:

  • Old T-shirt (This craft works well for any type of t-shirt)
  • Scissors
  • Marker and Ruler (optional)


Step 1:

Take out your old T-shirt, cut off each edge, including the arms and the collar. The middle part will be your pillow case.


Step 2:

Adjust the size of the middle part of the T-shirt to match up with the pillow you are going to use.


Step 3:

Cut approximately 1 inch tassels along all the edges. Use the marker and ruler if you want to be precise.


Step 4:

Start closing up your pillow case. Pair up every two tassels from the front and back side of your pillowcase, and carefully tie them up. Make sure to only tie up three sides of the pillow case since you’ll need somewhere to stuff the pillow in.


Step 5:

Stuff the pillow inside the pillowcase and close up the last side of the case!


– By: Tianai Chen

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