Intern Spotlight: Meet Victoria


Victoria Wallace ‘18 is an intern for Illinois PIRG (Public Interest Research Groups) and Environment Illinois. She worked with a Campaign Organizer, Lianne May, on a national campaign to get colleges to commit to 100% renewable energy in college campuses.

Campuses are the perfect places for implementing renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar, geothermal, etc. because there is continued activism and research already done at universities. Institutions of higher learning are also leaders in their communities and can set an example for the surrounding areas to follow.  

For the Illinois campaign, Wallace is working to show President Killeen the people U of I system want to have a campus powered by completely clean energy by 2050. She did this by gathering letters from faculty, petitions from students, and aided in passing a student government resolution in December to demonstrate support for renewable energy. Professors, faculty, and students from all departments and majors stepped up and responded to the campaign. As a culmination of her work, Wallace presented all of the campaign materials to the Associate Director of Sustainability in hopes it reaches the President and Chancellor. Wallace and May have high hopes that this campaign continues to inspire the U of I system to continue on its mission to becoming a greener campus.



Article by Victoria Wallace and Lianne May

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