Thrift Store Reviews

The season of buying things is upon us! Shopping at secondhand stores is a great way to lower your environmental impact (and save money) during the holidays and throughout the year. Buying used items keeps waste out of landfill and saves the energy and materials it would have taken to manufacture something new. However, there […]

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Standing Rock

It’s 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 20, 2016.  I’m sitting on the side of a hill on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation next to Sarah and MJ; two people that I’ve since become exceptionally close to.  We spent the previous day and a half bumbling our way to Bismarck from UIUC in a Prius.  Along […]

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Champaign’s Toxic Neighborhood

It is easy to think of the University of Illinois as somewhat of a bubble, removed from many of the injustices–both social and environmental–that are common everywhere throughout the United States. In recent years (and especially the last decade), grocery stores, restaurants, services, and apartments of varying degrees of luxury have opened on or near […]

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Harvesting the Future

Perhaps one of FermiLab’s better-known features is its premier particle physics research laboratory, located right in Batavia, Illinois.  However, only a handful of people know that FermiLab is also home to one of Illinois’ last largest, natural prairies.  With less than a tenth of one percent of the world’s natural prairies still in existence, it […]

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