GO Satire: The Scott Pruitt Quiz

One fateful day in February, the 17th to be exact, Scott Pruitt was confirmed by the Senate as the new head of the EPA. To many, Pruitt being named the nation’s top environmental official was both a shock and a devastation. Highly understandable! Let’s see how well you know the fourteenth (and most unqualified) Administrator […]

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The Path to Personal Divestment

Given the pro-coal and anti-environment stances and actions of our new administration, it is more important than ever to “vote with your wallet” when it comes to fossil fuels. In that vein, the UIUC Senate passed a resolution last year to urge the Board of Trustees to divest from the University’s investments and holdings in […]

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Pipelines in Illinois

About 50 miles off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico lies a little town called Beaumont, Texas. Being from Beaumont, I’ve always been proud of my East Texas roots, even when we’ve lacked environmental values. Our biggest claim to fame is oil. Oil is such a large part of Beaumont’s history, from the time […]

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Green it Yourself – Planters

Hello, and welcome to this issue’s Green It Yourself where we will be showing you how to create a plant waterer from an empty bottle (though the title says wine, you can really use anything). We are going to explore two avenues of creation in this issue: one where you have a bottle without a […]

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Modern Mobility

Think of a city. Any city at all, anywhere in the world—maybe even your home city. What characteristics first come to mind?  Is it the impressive buildings, or perhaps the fancy restaurants and luxurious retail shops?  What about traffic jams and the fact that automobiles contribute to greenhouse gas emissions?  Now, that is not aesthetically […]

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Ecofeminism: an introduction

Each March, the UIUC Women’s Resource Center and YWCA co-sponsor a truly special, if underpublicized event: the Annual Campus Ecofeminism Summit. This year’s keynote speech featured a remarkable guest speaker: LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, the Lakota activist and historian who founded the first anti-DAPL resistance camp in North Dakota last spring. However, despite excitement over […]

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Eat this, not that!

     It’s no secret: what we eat has an impact on the environment. According to the EPA, agriculture accounts for 9% of the United State’s greenhouse gas emissions, and this does not take into account all the resources consumed and waste produced to make the food we consume.1 As much as we might like […]

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Beyond Sacred Stone

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard addressed an intimate group of students and community members in Allen Hall’s Unit One on March 14th .  She was invited to the University for the 7th Annual Ecofeminist Summit as our keynote lecturer.  From the outset of her hour long speech, she is insistent that the role of activist was […]

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