October 2017

Hello Readers!

With fall in full-force, we are delighted to present you our first issue of the academic year. This semester, the Green Observer family doubled in size! Read double the content with articles on  our local Agri-Fiber Paper Lab, Fresh Press, and the University YMCA Dump and Run. Take a peek into the eye of Hurricane Harvey and around the globe to the monsoons of Southeast Asia, then travel out of this world to rewatch the eclipse and learn about the NASA Satellite, Terra. Return home from your adventure with our ongoing segments: GO Abroad and Green-It-Yourself.

More and more, the Green Observer has expanded its horizons by delving into environmental issues worldwide. It is more important now than ever to celebrate the diverse makeup of the Green Observer team, readers, and students of UIUC

We hope you enjoy this issue of the Green Observer. Thank you to our brilliant new members for bringing fresh ideas and ample content. Thank you to our returning members and executive board, the backbone of this magazine. This is our largest issue yet, and it could not have happened without their dedication. Lastly, thank you to our readers; we dedicate this issue to you!


Sarah and Emily