Little Village’s Short-Lived Success

  Chicago, Illinois was historically known for its meat packaging industry, as well as their rail yards and steel plants. These industries are what helped form Chicago into the magnificent city that it is today— by initiating two successful waves of unionization and inspiring Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle to name a few. Unfortunately, with these […]

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Who’s a Tree Hugger? The Environmental Stances of Illinois 2018 Primary Candidates

In case you missed the campaign ads all over social media and cable TV, the Illinois primary election is happening tomorrow (March 20th). Although the state primaries are not as glamorous as something like the presidential election, they are just as important when it comes to making an impact on your community. Here you will […]

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50 Years of Love and Light

  On a campus with over 40,000 people, it is easy to feel isolated, especially when one is new to the area. When I first came to the university, one of my greatest concerns was the potential isolation I would face because of my choice to practice a vegan diet. Because practicing veganism is so […]

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Green It Yourself: Candles

I have always enjoyed using candles to create a nice mood in the evening, but there is always some wax left over after burning them. This craft gives you a way to recycle used candles and make them into new ones. What you will need: Old candles Wick base (you can get this from the […]

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Cleaner India, Greener India

“I will go with the future generations … we must leave for our future generations a climate wherein they can breathe clean air and have a healthy life,” was Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s response when he was asked about India’s commitment to the Paris Climate Change deal.  He vowed that his nation would go […]

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