Intern Spotlight: Meet Victoria

Victoria Wallace ‘18 is an intern for Illinois PIRG (Public Interest Research Groups) and Environment Illinois. She worked with a Campaign Organizer, Lianne May, on a national campaign to get colleges to commit to 100% renewable energy in college campuses. Campuses are the perfect places for implementing renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar, […]

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Behind the South Asian Monsoons

South Asian Floods are the Deadliest Natural Disaster of 2017 — And You May Not Have Even Heard Of Them Mud sloshes thick and heavy around ankles. Sheets of rain pound relentlessly against crumbling buildings. Villagers frantically scramble to save their friends and family, let alone what meager belongings they have left. As the water […]

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Earth’s Flagship: Terra

Have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly NASA is? Sure, they have sent probes to investigate other planets, but NASA is also partly responsible for designing technology that gives us information about our very own planet. Some of that technology includes satellites such as Terra, the flagship of the Earth Observing System (EOS).  Launched […]

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